For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Do Not Say We Are Too Old

They shall bring forth fruit in old age;
they shall be fat and flourishing”
Psalms 92:14

I awoke a few years ago to a harsh reality. I was 63, my wife was 69, and we had just went through a brutal time in our ministry which left us in weakened health, broke and having to start life in many ways all over again. I remember crawling out of bed and going into my sons study. I picked up a book entitled, “Do Not Say I Am Too Young”, and since I knew the author, I decided to read it out of respect. After reading for a short while I became even more depressed as I was no longer young and nothing that was being said applied to me at 63. I actually threw the book down and while walking out of the room, I muttered to myself, “someone ought to write a book saying Never Say I Am Too Old To Do Great Things For God”. That thought took hold of me and wondered if there was any scriptures or promises in the Word of God that specifically were for people who were considered elderly or in old age. That is when I came upon this scripture in Psalms 92:14. I also researched and found that not many people in old age begin or start astounding and incredible things in their lives. Not a continuation of ministry, life or business but actually break out into new dimensions, birth new dreams and have mind blowing impact and influence when they are in old age.

I believe that Jana and I are alive to mark an entire generation with the presence, power and glory of God. A generation is all those alive at this time in history, from the newborn infant to the most aged person and we want to influence ALL of them with and through our lives! But there is a generation of those who are old that God wants to awaken to do the most amazing exploits and bear the greatest fruit of their lives! The United Nations considers an old person is someone who has reached the age of 60. In some parts of the world it is 55 or 65 but 60 is considered the year someone becomes old.

“Do Not Say We Are Too Old” is what we say as I am now 67 and Jana is 73. I am writing this post to coincide with our 40th anniversary of marriage and the launching of a new season of ministry. The Desire of All Nations website that is being released is dedicated to seeing history made and not just through the younger generation but the older generation. I remember something our son in ministry said even a few years before that difficult season we went through.

“Your ceiling will be my floor”

I remember saying, “I am not finished building my ceiling but you are more than welcome to start your floor”. We will never retire, only refire to give Jesus Christ every breath, every moment, every part of our lives to make Him famous, lift Him higher and higher and touch the world until we pass into the heavens. People might want to retire a job or career and then what? Live out the remaining years not for Him with fire and passion to lay ones life down for the One who deserves all of us at any age? There is only one temperature in the kingdom and it is FIRE. God can come upon anyone at any age, even old age, with Himself, His gifts, His anointing, His creativity to be the difference on earth as it is in heaven. We cannot do anything for the lost and dying, nothing for the broken and devastated, call forth His bride, heal His image, proclaim His majesty on earth when we are not here anymore. So while we are here, we are not passing on any baton to the younger generation on the track of the race for His glory but rather we are going to run even harder, reach even further, expend every bit of our time, every dime to rhyme with blazing passion and serving God and humanity until the sun sets on our lives. Many times Jana and I watch the sunsets and some are not much to see but others are incredibly breathtaking, filling the sky everywhere with colors and beauty that leave us in awe and that is the way we want our lives to end! A sunset that causes stunning and majestic wonder of the Lord Himself and as we age not in some distant past of youthful accomplishments but in old age.

As we take a few moments to look at Psalms 92:14, think about it this way. All you have to do to have the promises of this verse is become old as the promise is to those in old age. It does not matter what has or has not happened all the years before you become old, how encouraging is that! When you are old, you get this kind of life, the best wine at the last, the most amazing life at the end! May the Holy Ghost touch each of you who look sadly at the sunset of your life or wish longingly for it to be over to be with Him. Put the brakes on that kind of thinking and awake to the quickening power of God that will awaken you to the greatest moments of your life as you age in Jesus name!!!

They shall bring forth fruit in old age,
they shall be fat and flourishing”

What I want to do is paint a picture by combining all the meanings of the words written, their meanings in the Hebrew language penned so you can realize the incredible promises made to someone who simply arrived at old age!!!

To become old is to not just continue fruit bearing if that has been happening in your life but even if you feel that little fruit has come forth from your existence or none, YOU will begin to germinate, put forth new shoots and cause seed to start growing in your lives. Even after a period of dormancy you will seedlings of destinies and callings crack through the seed casing and sprout suddenly. And in the bringing forth fruit, you will increase and be made cheerful!!!

You will become rich, fertile, vigorous, satisfied, anointed and the ashes of your life will be taken away! The riches of Gods goodness will cause you to be abundantly satisfied, productive and prolific! YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE BEST PART (one meaning of fat in Hebrew)! You will flourish, thrive and grow luxuriantly, achieving success and prosperity! God will take your life in old age and add extra decoration to it and wave it for all others to see and attract attention to those in old age as to what He has done! You will be green, full of vitality and life, exuberant, pouring forth without restraint magnificently and with splendor and elegantly be given out to others in great abundance! One meaning is 5 Star!!! The highest possible rating will be who you are and will be when you arrive at old age and walk towards eternity in the best years of your life! Those best years are not behind you and you live with a deteriorating mindset of agedness but defy the way people think of aging and live this scripture instead, those best years are before you!

Lord, let the fire of revelation, renewed mind and presence come upon people of every age but especially those who in older age, to rise up and receive the enabling miraculous power of God latent in Psalms 92:14 and let the Spirit of God heal of every disease, heal the sickness of deferred hopes, shatter every thing attached to disappointment, failure and crushed dreams and set on fire each one reading this article for your glory in Jesus name! Let an entire generation of those in old age be a force of revival and thrust of unparalleled breakthroughs in the earth and may they spring forth throughout the earth now and in the years to come for the honor and advancing of Gods Kingdom in Jesus name!!

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