For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


The Beauty of the King

Lord, I pray that the Holy Spirit who exists to glorify Jesus Christ, who yearns that all mankind taste and see that He is good, experience His heart and fall deeply in love with Jesus, touch every heart that reads this message. I pray that the unquenchable longing in every heart for beauty will be quickened and come alive to see God as He is, the Beautiful One in Jesus name.

One of the first scriptures that I read when I became a Christian years created a hunger in my heart and a passion to experience it and that others would also.

Psalms 27:4
“One thing have I desired of the Lord that will I seek after:
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my”
life, to behold the beauty of the LORD and enquire in His temple”

Here David, the man after Gods own heart reveals the deepest desire of his heart, to behold the beauty of the Lord. David must have already had a revelation about God that He was beautiful. It was rare in those times to even imagine that about God and even in this day many struggle with the image of God.
Then David wanted “to enquire in His temple”. It does not mean just ask questions in church. The word “enquire” means to plough, break forth, care for, admire, look for and seek after. Jesus is the house of the Lord, the dwelling place of God and we are placed in Him by God through faith to “behold”, or gaze at, contemplate with pleasure, have a vision of, perceive intellingently and see by experience that God is Beautiful. Meaning God is to be enjoyed. Knowing Him is pleasurable.

The word, “beauty” is so rich. It means agreeableness, kindness, sweetness, loveliness, pleasurable, full of splendor and grace. It speaks being warm, friendly, cooperative, considerate and sympathetic, wanting to help if in need, accessible and inviting. David longed to stare at God until his heart was locked into Gods heart and this is what made him a man after Gods heart. The purpose of being in Gods house is the sight of God, God revealing Himself to the hungry heart that we meet Him, see Him, behold Him and care for Him, admire Him and enjoy Him in others.

The cry of Davids heart is to be our cry. The passion of his life was God Himself and to know Him and make Him known for who He really is to others. Think about it this way…..

God says I am that I am and wants us to see Him as He is
We in turn declare unto Him, You are who you say you are
We say to ourselves, I am who He says I am
We declare to others that He is who He says He is
And what is He? Beautiful and our lives are the seeking or searching out to find out only more and more of that beauty and revel in Him.
The cry of one man to know only more of the beauty of God became a prophetic word from Isaiah the prophet.

Isaiah 33:17
“Thine eyes shall see the king in His beauty: they shall behold
the land that is very far off”

God speaks through the prophet Isaiah and declares that the cry of David shall become a reality in the days ahead. There would be a time when each persons eyes shall “see”, and that word is the same as the word “behold”, in Psalms 27:4, shall gaze and stare at “the king in His beauty”: That word “beauty”, also means beautiful but it has the connotation of being Bright! It becomes the brightest, most glaring thing about God, His beauty and that word also means handsome and to beautify oneself. Moses said in Psalms 90:17, “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us”. When we realize that God is so absolutely delightful, so sweet and agreeable, that gaze at Him transforms us into His likeness and that beauty we see begins to manifest through us to others as we become like Him as the Holy Spirit tenderizes our hearts through the revelation of His nature.

Years later, there came a moment when the King of All Kings came upon the scene and this prophecy came to pass. Jesus Christ, the King of Glory revealed the love and beauty of the Father to all mankind and to gaze upon Jesus life is to begin to see and know the beauty of God. Jesus was the image of the invisible God and the way He lived was the beginning of the healing of the image of God that had been distorted for centuries. David saw something of God and cried out to have his heart centered on One Thing, Gods beauty. Isaiah prophesied a day when every one could see the beauty and Jesus was that King who reflected the splendor and grace of God. And what else would happen?

“behold the land that is far off”
Heaven is the land that is far off! When Jesus came, the heavens were opened and through the Holy Spirit we not only experience God in His beauty but begin to experience heaven in ways never before experienced, right here and now! We begin to feel the Fathers burning love for His Son and how all things are in him, through him and for him. We begin to taste and we begin to see that God is good, full of goodness and happiness to be felt and known by His people. That is one way how the Bride, the Lambs wife makes herself ready, to have eyes only for Him, and feel that zeal of God to draw us to delight only in Him.

Every addiction and earthly desire is broken when we see Him as He is, radiant and beautiful, kind and considerate, sweet and delightsome, warm and friendly, passonately in love with us. Jesus becomes our addiction! He alone becomes our satisfaction. Seeing and beholding Him becomes our lifes meaning and reflecting what we have seen of Him to others becomes our daily joy.

Today, let us cry out like David…..”ONE have I desired…..the word thing is not in the hebrew, it is ONE, just ONE, the beauty of ONE, Jesus Christ. We will be joined to Him forever, let Him be our pursuit now. May every ministry and minister also find their delight in God alone and not in anything else. He alone is the fulfillment of every man, woman and child!
Lord, draw us into the bosom of God, in Jesus name…..

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