For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


They Were There After Midnight

Hola from the Dominican Republic!

Blessings to those of you who are receiving this email from the city of San Juan, Dominican Republic! It has been a phenomenal first week as my interpreter, who is from Portugal, and I have traveled throughout the nation, primarily to minister to spiritual and government leaders and the directors of some of the 31 states for 1N1D, La Mejor Dominicana, the Best Dominican! We are pretty much going 15 hours a day, driving, having meetings with the pastors coming together for this epic moment to impact an entire nation and in the course of sharing the vision and mobilizing them to do all they can, we take the time to minister to them and God has stunned many of them with His power. We also take time, a lot of time with the leaders of the province, take them out to dinner, bless them and their families financially and I have so many amazing testimonies of what takes place. We also demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom wherever we go and that of course blows them away as God moves in restaurants, on the streets, in their homes, in the offices of mayors, police chiefs and show them this is a lifestyle.

Below are some pictures just to see some of the pastors we have been with, the first of the signs going up on the billboards across the nation, the police chief of Mao, a shot in a TV station, and a few others. We have seen God move in these radio and TV stations, pouring out His power right then and there and that has been so wonderful! One picture was after I walked out during a pastors meeting to some guys in the street and they watched as God touched their lives. We have been to 9 cities, Monte Plata, Mao, Las Matas, Bonao, Santo Domingo, Nagua, San Juan, San Pedro de Macoris, and today off to Azua with many more to go. There is a picture of a former Houston Astros baseball player who God touched outside the stadium.

One surprise was when we came to Bonao. I thought I was walking into a pastors meeting but was shocked to find over 700 – 800 people in the church building and as I found out later, they had to turn on a screen outside in the parking lot as people came from everywhere. It appears that the pastor had heard the radio broadcast that day and on a Monday night, no less, he simply said ” do whatever you want, be free, let God come”. Now this was a rare pastor, very, very rare. It is common to have pastors say they want revival or a move of God but in actuality create ways to keep that from happening, all the while they say they want the Holy Spirit to move. I also found out after the service that the meeting was televised live in the nation, in other nations, and in many USA cities. I had no clue. So after showing the video in Spanish and sharing the vision which electrified these people and I could see they were getting it, I let God come, so He did. No one had ever seen what happened next. And there were over 60 there, who brought some of their people for the 1N1D vision so this was a moment to touch them and all their people and the whole province! God really set it up. I will not go into the incredible things that happened but this service started after 7 and the picture you see below was taken probably after 10. I taught briefly on the kingdom and said God will now demonstrate it and had maybe 30 pastors come up and make a fire tunnel as they call and invited the people to walk through it and be prayed for. The scenes were indescribable. People were overwhelmed by His presence before they got into the line, children were overcome by His love and lay on the floor, faces melted in soft weeping as His love came upon them, people were healed, chains of sickness, oppression, bondages were shattered and these pastors got their hearts into it after awhile. The lightnings of God went through many and people were stretched out everywhere under the power of God, or transfixed by His presence and the pastor shook his head over and over as he watched God move. It was after midnight and the people were still there. Even after they were prayed for, they watched as others were ministered to. This meeting shook the leaders for sure and we prayed for them also, prophesying, releasing Gods heart for them and over and over I am always honoring the leaders, for without them, I could never be in this nation. People kept coming, they stood over 3 hours just to be prayed for and God was moving right in the back of the building all the while also. All because a pastor took the straight jacket off God and gave Him a chance to be Himself. It is that easy as I have shared for years.

Afterward, I went to the only place open in town to eat and there were 5 young cooks and waiters and before leaving I made sure that we ministered to them, blessed them with a huge tip, all of them, and then let God touch them right there. I have some phenomenal stories about these particular pastors who you see in front of the Polynesian looking structures where I bought them lunch. One thing that is amazing is the receptivity of the government officials, these guys just say “what can we do, we will do anything for you”. Appreciate your prayers as there are governors and others we are planning to see today and in the next week.

It is such a privilege to be able to serve and what an honor to be just part of an incredible group of people who want to wash the feet of a nation.

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