For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Born From Above To Be Given Away

A few years ago I was reflecting on our destiny on earth, the meaning of why we are here.  A simple thought came to me as I remembered the scripture in Isaiah on the birth of Jesus Christ and what He would do on earth.

Isaiah 9:6

                                           “For unto us a child is born and a son is given………..”

Even thought I had read this verse many times, it opened up to me in a different way.  We all know how “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…”(John 3:16).  Jesus Christ was born to be given away.  Not just give something of Himself but completely give Himself away for each and every one of us.  The child was to grow to become the son who the Father gave away to birth many sons and daughters, the children of God and they in turn would also be given away, living from His love, giving of themselves as Jesus Christ did.

When Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3:3, “Ye must be born again”,  He was saying much more as you look into the meaning of this phrase, “born again”.  And when you realize what is actually being said, you can begin to understand what took place when you placed your trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

The word “born” speaks of women giving birth to children, of men who had fathered children.  The idea behind the word is birthing of a family, offspring, tribe and even a nation, of the same nature!  When we think of  the word “desire”, it comes from the words de and sire, and sire means to father, one who begets, the male parent and de means from.  God was the Father of Jesus Christ and all His desires were manifested in and through His Son.  That is why Jesus is called “The Desire of All Nations”.  He was “sired” by God, the offspring of the same nature to birth a family of sons and daughters, and even birth entire nations that were of the same nature as God.

But the word born really means, “to arise, appear in history, come upon the stage, make a public appearance and be a performer of miracles”.

The moment you gave your life to Christ as this word born also means, YOU BEGIN TO BE!  It also means “to come to pass”.  Over and over again in the Bible you read the phrase, “And it came to pass”,………”It came to pass,….”.  When you were born again you were the beginning of something that would come to pass because you have become His son or daughter.  You were born to appear in history, to make a difference, your life was God performing with you miracles!  You are a divine intervention in the life and times that you live in and you truly BEGIN TO BE when you are saved!!

The word “again” means above.  Born from above and above is the opposite of beneath.  It also means “for this cause”.  You were generated from heaven, from above by the Spirit of God for a cause.  You and I are the children that are born to become the sons and daughters to be given away for the cause of the kingdom of God.  We are not accidents, we are not nobodies, our significance is more than we can fathom.  God Almighty births us to so that we might be given away on earth to bring the justice of love.  We can be filled with His desires and each of us demonstrates that passion in the spheres of life we are placed in and enter to bring the realities of heaven to earth.  The “born agains” are not here to make a difference, we are the difference.  We are from above, not from beneath.  The Lord from heaven was birthed on earth to plant the heavens on the earth everywhere He went as the scripture says. (Isaiah 51:16)

Satan works to distort the image of God, who HE really is but also who WE really are.  To minimize our value and significance!  We are a race of people generated from above to live beneath as people who know who they have been been birthed to come upon the world stage, to arise and appear in history, to write it with heaven’s ink. living epistles to be read and known as the writings of the value system of heaven.  You are the performer of miracles, it is your identity.  The baby you once were can become the son and daughter who shifts the atmosphere, becomes the breakthrough for the justice of love as you open up your hearts to His DE-SIRE, allowing him to father something in you of His nature, His cause, His manifestation of Himself through you.  We must not allow an unrenewed mind about our identity to rob the value of the mark we will leave on this planet because we lived!

 Sure you have heard it before.  3 billion not saved.  1.5 billion never heard the name of Jesus.  27 million human slaves still in the world, 1.5 million for sex.  Probably low figures.  Huge right here in the USA.  1400 teens will try to kill themselves in next hour, 2700 teens will become pregnant.  60% of the abortions by teenage girls is because their child will have no dad, so why live.  1.5 billion without clean drinking water.  There are many causes, many opportunities for the justice of love to be demonstrated.

When a baby is born, that baby is not aware that someday, he or she, might do exploits and be an emancipator of the dignity of someone of a different skin color, as Abraham Lincoln fought for.  You are a threat to the kingdom of darkness and the enemy knows that yet sadly most believers do not.  I release the Spirit of God to awaken the truth of your importance and significance as a unique child of God, birthed to bring forth those things placed within you for His glory in the earth as you do so!! To enter into the joy of living not for yourself but for Him who gave Himself completely to you and for you.  That all of us might do the same.  Know that we were born to give ourselves away, all we have, all we are at His disposal for love, to and for others!  May we arise and be the difference.  Each of us has a cause besides being loved and loving God and others.  There are specific things inside each and every one of us and they are all important to Him.  Just like the causes I listed above to give value and dignity to humankind in those and other ways!  But first you must embrace your own value and dignity, your own significance in His eyes and yours, your own unique mark of love to leave on this planet.  You were born from above to be given away on earth…..

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