For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Deep Calleth Unto Deep

I heard a story once years ago and just recently heard it again.  There was a boy who would actually eat rubber to the point where he ate the rubber pedals off his bicycle.  His parents took him to the doctors to find out what was the matter with their son.  He literally craved and looked for rubber anywhere, whether the soles of shoes or bicycle tires, anything that had rubber.  Upon examining the child, the doctors found the cause of this behavior.  There was a sulfur deficiency and sulfur was found in rubber so that is why the boy literally ate the rubber constantly.  Sulfur by the way, is essential in the normal functioning in the human body, constituting protein in the human cells, very helpful in speeding up the process of wound healing and skin related diseases.  The need for sulfur drove the boy to find it.  To need it meant that it existed somewhere.

In Psalms 42:7

“Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me”


The deepest thing in God is calling out to the deepest thing in you.  The deepest thing in you is crying out for the deepest thing in God.  If you can discover what is crying out in you, then you can know that it exists.  God has placed the cry in us which is the proof that what you are crying for exists.  The cry is the proof before the proof manifests itself.  This should encourage all of us.  Instead of being frustrated about the passionate yearnings within us, we should know that because they exist, we fill find the sulfur so to speak, the need will be fulfilled.

For many, the deepest cries have been silenced by disappointments, mistakes, failures, hurts, wounds, seeming indifference of others, thoughts of insignificance and many other things that cause us to abandon the deep quest for fulfillment and expression of life.  Yet if the cry within can be awakened and the trumpet sound of our own souls can once again burst forth in the song of our deepest thirst and hunger for what we yearn for, then heaven will move to bring it to pass.  Can we believe this?

         “Jesus saith………I thirst”  (Jn 19:28)

After rejecting something to drink at the cross, he uttered these words.  “I thirst”.  What was he thirsty for?  He was thirsty for you and me.  The deepest cry of God was to drink of us.  To have us, to love us, to hold us, to know us.  When Jesus was at the well in John 4:7, he said it this way,“Give me to drink”, of a woman who came to draw water for herself and family under the blazing sun.  Selfish it appears but was it?  Reading on, we find that his thirst was fullfilled in giving her living water, Himself.  Completely satiated in giving love, that was his drink.  To give God drink and to satisfy His thirst is to let Him satisfy you with His love.  God has placed the craving deep within us for Him so it must be possible then to have Him. 

God wanted us to the point that all of His focus was in getting us back to Him and He and his son would pay any price to possess us.  That was the ultimate craving.  He also has placed within us the craving for the glory of God that all of us have fallen short of.  So the glory of God is the deep calling out from us to Him and to all around us.  That is something He wants to stir, arouse, awaken and grip us with.  We need to be gripped by the desire to see Him glorified.  We need to crave His glory for ourselves and see His glory demonstrated in all the earth.  We must be eaten up by these types of thoughts. To be a Christian first and foremost is to be mindful of one thing.  We were born to see Him made known, honored and loved in the earth, see Him do His works of love in mankind, glorified.

All our being is to be fully alive and expressive towards that end.  He has placed within us desires, deep yearnings to naturally express in every way the uniqueness of our talents, giftings and expressions.  What are they within you?

I am reminded of the story of Eric Liddell whose life was memorialized in the film, “Chariots of Fire”.  This man from Scotland who later died as a missionary in China at the age of 43 won the gold medal in the 400 meter race in the 1924 Olympics after refusing to run on the Lord’s day in the race he was favored to win.  Running overmatched in the 400 on another day, he shattered the world record running with a piece of paper that said, “Those who honor me, I will honor.”  Eric Liddell was a srong Christian but he was an athlete also.  One day, a family member questioned his giving his time and energy to running and not giving all of it to the church and ministry.  Eric Liddell said, “God made me fast and I feel His pleasure when I run”. 

The deep in Eric was not just to serve as a missionary and reach out to that nation for Jesus Christ but also to run.  There are deep desires in all of us that are right and noble and can be expressed all the while honoring God.  To act, to paint, to write, to make large sums of money, to be play a certain sport, to invent something never known by man, to design buildings, to find a cure for a disease, to make films, play music, to banish the sex trade of children, to see new ways to educate for maximized significance and success, to be the president of a country, start your own newspaper, obliterate poverty, and so on and so forth.  Listen to your hunger.  Listen to the cry within you. 

Your circumstances, present or past situations have nothing to do with the deep within you crying out and from that cry attracting the answer from the hand of God.

          “Call unto me, and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not”    (Jer 33:3)

You may feel that is no use opening up to the pent up, stifled deep within you for one reason or another.  Jeremiah was in a hole in the ground, bread and water, prison and for the second time with no hope to get out and a seemingly failed mission.  So what does God do?  He says to erupt in a cry, and promises that He will answer Jeremiah.  And the answer if you study the Hebrew words for great and mighty things, will be that God will show him the things that have been unreachable, before unattainable and not realized.  Wow!  Every word of God has a mate it says in Isaiah 8, so every deep yearning will have a fulfillment so why not believe.

I am reminded of John G.  Lake, who when faced with family member after family member dying of disease hungered to see this horror stop.  As his wife lay dying, the deep cry to see her healed and disease vanquished rose up to the heart of God resulting in a miracle in his wife and the birth of a healing ministry that shook South Africa and caused Spokane, Washington to be called years later, the healthiest city in the USA.  The cry to see disease, suffering, pain and sickness gripped him and others in history and because the cry was there, the reality that such things were possible was the result.  To cry out for miracles means that they are real.  What is the deep cry within you?  To see cancer abolished, to see the lame walk, to see have the deaf hear and blind see or maybe AIDs destroyed by the power of God.  It is the deep cry in you that is your identity.  What you want to see God do is who you are, that glory you want given to Him.  Refuse to have the deep within you muffled.  Let it become alive in you now in Jesus name.

Sometimes the deep cries of others becomes your deep calling unto deep.  God heard the deep cries of the Israelites in Exodus 2:23-25 and 3:7. The depth of their oppression and sorrow reached into the depth of His heart and resulted in the liberation of those in bondage and the establishment of the nation of Israel.  There are deep cries calling out throughout the earth for the real God, the authentic Jesus, the supernatural signs, wonders and miracles of His love, cries to be loved, to be significant, to be heard, to be free, to have a chance to live, to have a life worth living.  Do we hear the deep cries of a world around us?  The deep in them is crying out to the deep in us, to love as God loves, to do whatever we can to destroy the works of the devil. 

I wonder how the boy who ate the rubber knew that what his body was craving for was in the pedals of his bike?  I believe when we let the deep within us erupt and not pay attention to all the other things that try to draw our attention, that we will somehow know instinctively how to fulfill the craving within.  True thirst will be fed with true faith, a burning conviction that we will see and possess what is coming forth from the depths of our being.  You become a person of one thing before an audience of one and all your powers begin to be energized and you begin to attract what needs to happen to see it happen!

Lord, today, erupt within us.  The hunger and thirst and passion to see you glorified consume us.  It is not okay to see so little of you personally and in this world and from deep within we call unto you to show us your glory and reveal it to others through us.  Awaken all the desires in us to express our love to you through the talents, ideas, giftings, abilities we have.  I ask for a supernatural gripping of the hearts of those reading these words.  Grip us. Stun us to burst forth in every creative impulse to the glory of God.  We have no excuses, we have no past and we must fully live today and tomorrow.  Revive all of us now.  Refocus us and we want to be courageous with the single eyed steadfast devotion of Jesus when he set his face to go up to Jerusalem and even his own quaked with fear at being in the presence of such a one who burned with the deep desire to answer the deep cry of His father to answer the deep cries of mankind.  Do it for your glory, in Jesus name!

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