For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Healing Is worship

It was a hot and dusty night in Calabasas, Nicaragua and the Lord had just moved wonderfully in the AOG church healing and doing miracles and saving the lost.  The pastor and his wife were marvelously visited by God and there were testimonies from the elderly who had been healed and God’s presence was rich and it was just a beautiful time.  The pastors of King of Kings in Dario and our students from Dario School of Supernatural Ministry were not satisfied and we all decided to go out into the village late at night to look for people to bless and heal.

We started to walk down the dirt road and had not gone but a few steps when we saw a woman holding a child not more than two years old in her arms as she sat on a chair outside her house.  All of us were stunned by the way this woman looked.  She looked so completely hopeless, so distraught, so weighed down, disconsolate and her whole body seemed overcome with sadness.  The child seemed so still.  We asked her what was the matter and she said that her child was unable to move, paralyzed and the doctors said there was nothing they could do and she was just crushed to see her baby like that.

We did not waste anytime but declared the gospel of the kingdom and that there was no paralysis in heaven so there would be none in her baby boy and that Jesus came to bring heaven to earth, His healing love to mankind.  We asked if we could pray for the child and she did not resist.  We all prayed and at that time did not notice any change in the child.  We expected a miracle and told her so before moving down the dirt road to pray for others.

A few months later we were back in that same church and again it was a tremendous service with unusual and striking miracles taking place.  At the close of the service I was up front speaking with someone when Jorge, a 14 year old student in our school came running from the back of the church saying, “Pastor, the baby”, and began motioning towards the back and telling me to come right away.  I thought that there was a need to pray for a child right away so I hurried towards the back.  When I got there, I saw many of our students and team just weeping and it was then that I saw why.  Standing there was the woman with the child we had prayed for the last trip to Calabasas.  She looked ready to explode with emotion.  The joy that exuded from her face as she saw me and she began to move her baby’s neck around and around and began to tell the story of what happened to her child.  A few days after we prayed for the child, she began to notice something happening to him and went to the doctor.  After examining the child, the doctor pronounced the child completely cured and all the paralysis was gone and the boy was normal.  As she told the story with her husband weeping besides her and the child obviously well, all around the room people began to worship with melted hearts.  Arms extended upwards. Praises and adoration filling the room.  Some just fell to their knees sobbing and telling God how beautiful He was, some just went prostrate on the floor, face down.  Some just went to a pew and sat there in reverence.  The husband fell to the floor thanking God and some had to hold the mother up as she just wept and wept.  All of us were just pouring out our hearts of gratitude and honoring the One who is the healer for such a precious miracle and the effect upon this woman who months before was devastated but now alive.

It was then I remembered that one of the words translated to heal in the New Testament came from a Greek word that had multiple meanings.  The word used over 40 times, meant to cure, to heal and to relieve of disease.  It means to serve, part of being a servant of God was to heal others.  Yet there is another meaning of the word to heal.  It means to adore God and to worship.  So to heal the sick and afflicted, to relieve of disease and make whole is to worship and adore God.  We are worshipping when we pray for the sick and release His healing power.  We are adoring God when relieving people from their suffering and restoring them to health.  God is adored when people are healed. Healings and miracles are acts of worship.

To heal is to worship God.  Worshipping God will also naturally want to heal others for He is honored when He does what His heart yearns to do, touch others with His healing love.  Sometimes we forget that.  We can pray for the sick not being filled with adoration for Jesus Christ and worship to the One who made it possible by enduring the stripes on his back and paying the price to see us whole.  The miracle is only the reminder of how worthy He is, how marvelous He is, how amazing He is and what He did to make it possible.  That night in Calabasas reminded me again of that reality and filled my heart with such deep love for the One who had just transformed a family through His healing power.  Healing is to worship and to worship is to see others well.

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