For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


The Suddenlies of God

One day Moses came to the mountain of God and out of nowhere “the angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush”. Perhaps there are those that might have called Moses to be the deliverer of a nation in a more intelligent manner. A bush on fire in the back side of a desert? Not only that, but it was on fire but did not burn. It is written of Moses that he turned to see this great sight and “why the bush is not burnt”. When God saw that Moses turned aside, the Bible says “God called unto him out of the midst of the bush”. I don’t think he woke up that morning and had it figured out that on that day, God would talk to him and call him into a destiny that would change the course of history and do so by starting a fire in one bush, flames but no burning and then TALK to him from inside the bush!

Suddenly God appeared and in an unusual way. It was unforeseen, unexpected and without warning. This was unpremeditated on Moses part and there is no indication that he was preparing for this nor anticipating it.

When the Holy Spirit invaded the planet to begin to establish the rule and reign of the ascended King of Glory, Jesus Christ, it happened “suddenly”. “A sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind”. Those that were there were “sitting”. Not only that, “cloven tongues likes as of fire, and it sat upon each of them”. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit was coming but withheld the details. The spirit of religion wants the details before the event.

This religious mindset has to control. It attempts to prepare people for the coming of God in some manner and then of course has all the controls in place to make sure it is in offensive. In other words palatable and decent palatable and decent in the name of balance, just in case He shows up in a manner that is a bit different than expected. It is called playing God. Nobody can do God but God. Offending the Holy Spirit is not even considered. Then of course the writer of most of the New Testament, Apostle Paul in his defense before the Jews later on in his ministry had this to say; “And it came to pass, that, as I made my journey, and was come nigh unto Damascus about noon, SUDDENLY(italics mine), there shone from heaven a great light round about me” Acts 22:6

He also was thrown to the ground and blinded for a few days. Who will be God’s counselors anyway?” Who is the one as it says in Ecclesiastes 11:5, that “knowest the way of the spirit”……….or the “works of God”.? One of the ways that God impacts the people of the earth is by sudden, unexpected manifestations of His power. He just shows up and decides to do things no one was prepared for.

Gentiles Receive The Holy Ghost It says in Acts 10:44; “While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost FELL(italics mine) on all them which heard the word” Suddenly, during preaching, the Holy Ghost “fell”. That word means to come upon,to lie upon, to seize and to take possession of. Those with Peter were “astonished”. They were amazed but the greek is stronger than that. It means they were thrown into wonderment, out of their minds, insane at seeing this. It wasn’t just that the Gentiles received the Holy Ghost, it was the way it happened too. God decided to “pour” the Holy Spirit out then and there and in that manner. The suddenlies of God are part of His handiwork in revealing His purposes when He decides to do it without warning and unexpectedly. While He is working in manifold ways by His Spirit to establish His presence and reality in our lives, He does reserve the right to show up when we least expect, don’t you think?

Suddenly in Fiji

Over the years my wife and I have seen the suddenlies of God on numerous occasions and have been stunned by what took place in the lives of people when He did. One time we were in Nadi, Fiji and we were asked to teach on deliverance. Nadi was an oppressed city with a Hindu shrine at the gate of the city among other things. There were about 400 people present under a tent and a number of ministers also. We taught and simply invited the Holy Spirit to come and deliver the people.

SUDDENLY, people began screaming and slithering on the ground like snakes. An elder vomited, people were shaking convulsively, weeping and manifesting as the demons were driven out by the pure power of God. Then all of a sudden people began laughing and rejoicing! They were overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord! They were free! One by one they testified of addictions being broken, emotional trauma being healed, anger, unforgiveness, oppression and depression of leaving their lives and many were healed and experienced the exhilarating touch of the liberating presence of Jesus Christ!! Demons fled from that place and it happened suddenly.

Another time we were ministering in a church of about 800 on a Sunday morning and the message was about “hunger”. As my wife sat in the congregation, she began to hear people groaning in their seats and halfway into the message I watched incredulously as the ENTIRE congregation rose and ran started to run forward into the aisles toward the front. Suddenly they were all thrown backwards by the power of God! After a few minutes, people began crying out to God and He descended upon them as they did. One of the things that happened as a result of this sudden visitation from God was that the Pastor asked me to come back and teach the following evening and prove from the Bible that everything that happened that morning was Biblical. When I did so, his entire church embraced the move of God and he was the only pastor in his denomination that did so at the first and his church became a place where people came from all over the land to experience the Lord and be ministered to. He is now the President of that denomination and a very influential voice for God in the nation.

Some Suddenlies of God Over The Years

We have seen on numerous occasions God suddenly visiting whole congregations in buildings and in open air meetings. All of a sudden, there is an invasion of His manifest presence and people are visited by God and always there are incredible stories of salvation, healing and deliverance along with transformations and encounters with the Lord.

A couple of times I have seen the conviction of God grip people in their seats and the lostness of their souls become real, resulting in a turning to God on the spot.

Fijian Woman Visited By God

Sometimes God visits individuals suddenly bringing about instantaneous change.  We are reminded of Saul in 1 Samuel 10 and how the Spirit of God came upon him suddenly as he turned around to walk away from Samuel and he became another man and began to prophesy. We have seen this happen many times to individuals but one story stands out in my mind.

I was in a nation once and staying at a ministers home. I came into the kitchen to say goodnight to the pastor and his family and the living room was full and the pastor asked me to share a scripture or two before I went to bed.  I was so tired but opened up the Bible and began to share something from the Book of Acts. There was a young man,about 16 standing in the hall and suddenly the power of God fell on him and he collapsed right there. I found out later that he had come to many services but had never been touched by God and was so desperate for the reality of the Lord. Well, it happened right there in the home.

As I shared, there was a woman sitting at the kitchen table and suddenly she fell off the chair under the table and began to laugh uncontrollably. She did not stop. I shared some more and then went to go to bed, leaving everyone in the presence of God that filled the house by that time. The next afternoon the lady that had fallen under the table showed up at our room. She told an amazing story. She had spent the whole night under the kitchen table 1laughing. When morning came she was not at all tired and decided to clean the pastors home. Then she felt this desire to pray for the sick and went home to home in the area, looking for people who were ill and God began using her to heal them. She was an uneducated woman and by the way, women did not do that sort of thing in that nation anyway. She was overflowing with the life of God.

She said she wanted to know how she could have more of God. My wife looked and her and said, “how is your marriage” and the lady angrily said she hated her husband because of his abuse towards her and she could never forgive him. Well, my wife said, there is your answer on how to get more of God. She told her to go home and ask her husband to forgive her for what she did. The woman did so and it was just a short time later when I saw her husband beating his breast with sweat running down his face crying out to God up front in a service we were having.

The woman herself came under a great anointing and one time we had her pray for hundreds of people, one by one and all of them were mightily touched by the Lord. Suddenly God descended on this ordinary woman at a kitchen table and her whole life was changed.

In closing there are many stories and examples I could share. God cannot be put into a box and His doings accepted if they come in a way that we would prefer. His Love can come come upon people in startling ways if He so desires. We can accept Him if it is the “still small voice” to Elijah and His presence like the mist that waters the face of the earth and truly these are His ways of touching us.

Yet I can embrace the God who cracks like lightning, transforms by overwhelming us with His presence and power also. My heart is to know Him, be like Him and have His kingdom in me and flow through me, motivated by love, to make know His salvation in fulness. The SUDDENLIES of God are part of the adventure of knowing Him and there is no need to put up defense shields against intrusions of God Almighty. Isaiah cried out, “Oh, that YOU would rend the heavens and that YOU would come down, that the mountains might quake and flow down at YOUR presence” Isaiah 64:1

There is the desire that everything be “of God” and that is honorable. Somehow Moses knew that a bush on fire at the backside of the desert and a voice coming out of it was God. He had no previous experience on the matter or a book of rules on judging such things. The believers in the upper room did not know HOW the Holy Ghost would come with a sound of a rushing wind, tongues of fire and intoxicating presence that caused people to assume they were actually drunk with wine, God’s apostles no less.

When Moses asked for God’s name, He answered and said “I AM THAT I AM”. The full meaning of the Hebrew is “ I was, I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be and I cause all things to exist”.  The suddenlies of God are one of His ways to cause all things to exist and God being whatsoever He will be.

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