For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


No Comas in Heaven

The original message of Jesus Christ, the gospel of the kingdom had found receptive soil in Pastor Harry in Dario, Nicaragua.  He was a young man, just 29, but his heart was burning with the message, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.  He especially loved seeing the Lord do miracles and was bold when he preached and attacked sickness with a vengeance.  One time he was in Managua and happened to meet Pastor Orlando who he had met a few years back.  He was excited to tell him about all that was going on in the Dario Supernatural School of Ministry that we had started a few months before.  He told Pastor Orlando about the students who went into villages and churches, putting the kingdom on display with astonishing miracles.  Most of these students were mid and late teens and young adults along with a few women in their late 20’s.  Every time I came to Nicaragua I would rent a truck and load it up and take Pastor Harry and Pastor Jairo along with as many as could fit in to invade villages and churches with His love, doing good and healing the oppressed.  We would feed the villages and call for the sick and the Nicaraguans would release His power and then we would just listen to the testimonies and marvel.  Everywhere we went the shock would be the power of God flowing through the Nicaraguans and not just that, but teenagers and not just them but women who would preach with great anointing, the place would be wrecked by God.

The more Pastor Harry spoke to Pastor Orlando, the more excited he became and Pastor Orlando told him that he was a completely different man than when he met him a few years before.  So he invited Pastor Harry to speak in his church and he preached the gospel of the kingdom and miracles broke out.  Pastor Orlando was once in the Cuban mafia and had escaped to Nicaragua from Miami 16 or 17 years before.  He had an encounter with God in the mountains and was a bold evangelist, rugged and sold out to God.  He actually raised 3 people from the dead but over the years the spirit of religion and oppositon from other Christians somehow dampened his zeal.  Pastor Harry was like a fresh breath of heaven, a live coal off the altar of God’s burning passion and Pastor Orlando began to awaken spiritually.  He wanted more.  As Pastor Harry shared more about the reality of the kingdom of God and how Jesus came to bring heaven to earth,Pastor Orlando began to see that what was not allowed in heaven, sickness, pain, poverty, disease etc. was not to be allowed on earth and what was in heaven, health, joy, love, peace etc. was to be released on earth.  It was then that he decided to put this into action.  Pastor Harry told me the story after Pastor Orlando told him and that was after the event happened.

Pastor Orlando had a sister in Miami and her husband had been in a bad accident 3 months before and was in a coma in the hospital as a result of his injuries.   He called his sister up and told her about what he was learning and told her to go to the hospital.  He said to her, “there are no comas in heaven, so there should be no comas on earth”.  He told her to go and pray for her husband and say just that and command him to come out of the coma.  I am sure that must have made her think but she went to the hospital and she put her hand on his feet, his toes I think and said those exact words.  When she finished saying, “come out of the coma”, to her amazement and utter shock along with the doctors who came in afterwards, her husband came out of his coma immediately and was in his right mind!! There are no comas in heaven!

Miracle in the Park

The kingdom of God is here and now, to you and through you, to everyone, here and now, everywhere.  Simple but true.  Jesus modeled the normal Christian life and sent the Holy Spirit so that all believers would do the same.  Signs, wonders and miracles are the normal  Christian experience.  Jesus said to Nathaniel, “that hereafter you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man”.(Jn 1:51).  So heaven is already open and Jesus is the ladder of angelic activity, angels carrying out the purposes of the Father on earth, getting their assignments in heaven, descending to earth to carry them our and ascending again to await more orders to touch mankind.

Now if Jesus was the ladder then we are also because we are in Him and part of His body and “greater works then these” we are to do is what He said.  So heaven is already open and accessible to every Christian and also the ladder whereever we are.  This all begins to become real when someone believes it.  This is not complicated to childlike faith.  There is an impartation also if you believe it and especially where there are open hearts receiving the truth about these things.  The supernatural which is God’s natural becomes natural to us and all impossibilites begin to bow to the power of God flowing through all the saints.  Notice I said, through the saints.  Jesus Christ, the hope of Glory lives in each believer and wants to get out.  We are His hope for glory and our hearts are to give Him just that, so we want Him to display His awesome love and destroy the works of the devil.

We have seen over and over again believers beholding the miraculous through ordinary people, not just the one man or woman doing them, but the people themselves displaying amazing authority over sickness, disease, oppression and demonic bondages, realizing that they could do it themselves.

One time we were invited to do a crusade in Managua and I say “we”, because even if I am invited as the primary speaker, I make it clear that I am bringing our school of students and other Nicaraguans and we would be ministering together.  There were a number of pastors there and we had preached the gospel of the kingdom in the morning and delivered the message with signs following and told them to be ready to co-labor with God in the evening meeting.  They were a bit reluctant but not our kids, they were ready to see God be great.  I only spoke for maybe 15 minutes and invited the sick to come and they flocked to the front.  Our kids went after them and it was awesome.  A man came out of a wheelchair, stomach diseases, heart problems, lifelong conditions were healed through the Nicaraguans.  I was in the crowd when a testimony came forth of someone able to breathe so I just motioned to Pastor Harry to call everyone who had lung, breathing, asthma problems to come up on the stage and he and others could pray for them.  It was a sight!   They all got healed, some of them from demons, they were writing on the stage and set free in seconds and all testified of being made whole.

As I was in the crowd I noticed Pastor Agosto and his wife, moving out in boldness and his wife especially was just full of fire praying for the sick and declaring the kingdom had come.  There was another young man off to my right and we have the picture of him just staring at Nicaraguans praying for the sick and healings taking place.  The look on his face was so intense and I knew something was happening to him.  He had come with another pastor, just to help with setting things up and serving.  What happened to him was something else and I will share that after telling you what happened to Pastor Agosto and his wife.

Pastor Agosto was a university professor and his wife was a lawyer.  They pastured a church and were in the morning meeting held at TBN studios and were just transfixed listening to the message. As I said, they came that night and began praying for the sick.  2 nights later they had their own crusade and I was invited along with our school to come.  This is when the miracle in the part took place which we did not know about until a few weeks later when we were invited to his church and heard it for the first time that morning.  Anyway, they were so transformed that the next time they had a church service they preached this message and called for the sick.  Someone brought a 13 year old girl who had never been at that church up for prayer.  She was deaf and dump.  Well, they announced that there was no deafness or dumbness in heaven and told it to leave her.  Nothing happened.  The girl had to go to the bathroom and suddenly they heard screaming from the bathroom.  The girls ears had completely opened and her tongue was loosed and she was screaming.  Everyone ran back to see and people were weeping and just overcome with joy and emotion at this miracle.  The first clear words from her lips were “mama and papa”.  The beauty of it all!! Since that day, signs and wonders have become part of their ministry and everytime  I see them, they have so many wonderful stories of His healing power and we just celebrate together what He has done.

Impartation is very real in the things of the kingdom.  People are enabled through impartation to do what they never could do before and the revelation that comes when the kingdom is in power not just in word brings the renewing of the mind and transforms people and they start proving “on earth as it is in heaven”.   I was mentioning the young man who had come to the crusade just to serve and was watching intently as Nicaraguans were demonstrating the miraculous.  Well, a few weeks later I was asked to preach in a church in Managua and Pastor Alvaro wanted me to hear a testimony before I spoke.  I saw this same young man come forward and he began to tell his testimony.  He said that he was shocked to see God healing people through Nicaraguans, ordinary people, young teenagers and he had never seen that before.  He said to himself, “if they can do it, then I can do it”.  He decided to go to the hospital where his father lay dying.  In fact, when he got there, many of his family was there expecting him to die any moment.  He walked up to his fathers bed and began to announce the kingdom of God and laid hands on him and commanded him to be healed. He was! The doctors came in and ran tests on machines and found nothing wrong.  Thinking the machines were malfunctioning, they used others but same result.  He was healed and got up walking around.

Sometimes when the kingdom is announced and we stand believing the heavens are open, things begin to happen away from the meeting as God is free to touch people everywhere.  The crusade hosted by Pastor Agosto was held in on a basketball court and adjacent stands in a part of Managua.  Behind the court was a park area where people were hanging out and playing, away from the crusade.  It was  a great night but the testimony we heard a few weeks later that happened that night really touched us all deeply.

Pastor Harry and I visited Pastor Agostos church a week after the healing of the deaf an dumb girl.  We both ministered and there was a moment when the presence of God was extremely felt and He was there.  We called for the sick and also the leadership to see the Lord touch them and flowed with Pastor Agosto and his team in ministering to them and His presence, power and healing intensified.  As this was happening a man came forward saying he wanted to give a testimony.  He had a young boy, maybe 7 or 8 with him at his side.  He said that he had been at the crusade a few weeks back but did not attend it but was with his son in the park area away from the crusade.  At one point he came to see what was happening with his son as he was playing nearby.  He found his son in an upright position trembling all over.  He asked his boy what was happening to him.  The boy said that he felt fire all over his body and that is when the father noticed that the growths or tumors the boy had on his neck were gone, they dissolved.  So he thought he would come to the church and tell everyone what happened!

The week before, the deaf and dumb girl and now this miracle in the park with tumors disappearing and he was not even in the actual crusade.  Shortly after, the father, his son and then his daughter were born into the kingdom of God and the celebration continued.

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