For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Miracles in Every Day Life

Hola and Benediciones!

These 2 pictures are of a woman who God miraculously healed yesterday in the Santee Alley shopping area in Los Angeles as Jana and I were on our way! The Santee Alley has about 150 plus shops and vendors with everything one can imagine buying and all the prices of high-end clothing are reduced so it is swarming with people from all over and almost a microcosm of many Spanish-speaking nations also.

We took our adopted Hawaiian daughter Ilima to shop and at one point we stopped to get some coffee and a snack when a song came on in Spanish that is Janas favorite song! We heard if first in Dario, Nicaragua years ago and there is a line that in English says, ” I love you with all my life and want to do so more”. As the song played, Jana stood up and with tears coming down her face, she sang and worshiped right there. Well, the Spirit of God touched my heart and I started looking around to find someone to see God touch. I walked up to the counter and started sharing about this song and how “mucho milagros” (many miracles) took place when I first heard it.

The reaction among the 3-4 people there was mocking. We had to leave and I had noticed an elderly woman who was at another shop outside who appeared to be singing the song. So while Jana and Ilima went on, I stopped and talked to her and she knew little English but I knew enough Spanish to pray for her business and the Holy Spirit came upon her and she began to worship. Jana and Ilima stopped at another vendor and across from them was a man, his wife, and daughter. He spoke perfect English and I just went off on the song and touching nations and stories in Central America. He was totally open and knew God so I just thought I would bless his business and he readily agreed. His wife came up to the entrance and the Spirit of God came upon her and she started worshiping with hands extended to the heavens. I knew we were leaving so I caught up with Jana and we had to stop at a bathroom at the parking garage before going. Actually, I am in a Starbucks in Canoga Park, California and had to go to the bathroom here and a woman was reading her Bible so I stopped and told her this miracle and found out she was in a church that is known for not believing they exist today. How fun!

So you have to pay 50 cents a person to use the bathroom and we gave the dollar to the woman at the counter and I went and then Jana. As Jana was in the bathroom, I stopped at the counter. I noticed that on a refrigerator behind her was “God is Love” in English and in Spanish, “Dios es amor”. So I just pointed to it and began to talk to her in Spanish a bit and she was guarded at first but I kept at it and by that time Jana showed up and I asked the woman, “I would like to bless your business and also, is there anything we can pray for you about physically?” Yes, I have pain in my leg and side”. I asked if she was in pain now and she said, “Yes and I am in pain 24/7”. So I asked if she would like us to pray for her so she can be healed as well as bless her business. She said yes and I welcomed the Spirit of God and began to bless her business and then asked Jana to pray for her to be healed.

One picture shows Jana putting her hands on her hands and the next picture is of them together after she was healed. Listen to this! Over 15 years ago, this woman fell down a flight of stairs, not just one, but like 18 steps and has been in constant pain for 15 years! God completely healed her right there in the shop and on our way to a bathroom!! She was so touched, in shock, crying, could not believe that all the pain was gone and how wonderful is that!!! The kingdom of God’s love is here and now, available to us and through us to everyone, everywhere now!! We are so excited to be alive and wake up every day to look for ways to give, to do good, and to heal the oppressed!

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