For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


Rushing Mighty Wind in Vanuatu

“And suddenly there came a sound from heaven

As of a rushing mighty wind…..”

Acts 2:2a


A few years ago I was asked to conduct an evangelistic crusade in Port Vila, the

capital city of the Republic of Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.

Prior to the crusade, the pastor, along with his leaders and church members met with

me for a time of preparation. The meeting were held in a ordinary looking concrete

building that had openings for windows but no screens or glass or anything, just cut out

square holes in the concrete. Everyone was seated on wooden benches when I was asked

to speak after a time of worship. I noticed that the Pastor was seated alone on a bench

about 10 feet in front of me.

I do not remember what I spoke on that night but as I was speaking the Pastor began

to be agitated in front of me. He began looking to his right and shaking his head and

putting his finger in his ear as he looked. He then looked behind him at all the people

that were sitting there and had a perplexed look on his face. Then he looked to his left

and did the same thing with his ear and fingers. He then looked right then left and

suddenly he was looking straight at me with his eyes wide open and a shocked look on

his face. Then, he just fell straight backwards off the bench and on the concrete floor,

right on his back. I just kept ministering as I had seen all kinds of things happen in

meetings the past few years. He lay that way for about 45 minutes.

We began singing a song about wanting to be closer to the Lord when he got up and

came to where I was and asked if he could share something. Of course, I said, as he was

the pastor. He began to share an amazing story of what had just happened to him.

As he was listening to the message he began to hear a sound, a loud sound of wind

blowing in the building. It was so real yet he felt no wind blowing, just the sound. He

began looking to see where it was coming from and now I realized what he was doing

when he looked towards the windows on either side of the building. He assumed

everyone heard what he was hearing and looked around but everyone was just sitting

there and it got louder and he thought he was imagining things.

Then Jesus appeared in front of him and that explained to me why his eyes got so big.

The Lord walked up to him and gently tapped his forehead with one finger. Obviously

that touch knocked him flat on his back under the power of God. He went on to say that

he had been physically suffering for some time and was always fatigued but now he was

completely healed and felt like a brand new man, young again. He was completely


This “wind” came from “heaven”, the Acts of the Apostles declared. It was a

“rushing” wind! A sudden, surging of the Spirit of God upon those in the upper room

but here again in Vanuatu. It was a “mighty” wind! The word “mighty” means violent,

forcible, and strong and the Spirit of God overpowered those it came upon. It was a

“wind” and you can’t see wind, but you can feel it and it comes from heaven. The word

“wind” actually means “an opening” and when the Holy Spirit begins to move and blow

so to speak, the realms of heaven and the realities of God begin to be experienced, they

open up to us.

The wind of God that this pastor experienced that night was the beginning of the

winds of God blowing during the crusade. The Spirit of God would surge suddenly upon

the crowds and His presence overwhelmed them, knocking them down where they met

God. People were saved, delivered and healed by God in this manner.

The Winds Continue To Blow


This pastor had started over 40 churches and after the meetings wanted to go around

the island visiting the villages. The winds of God continued to blow. We would come to

a village and all those that lived there would gather and I would preach. As I spoke, the

Spirit of God would come suddenly and rush upon them, overpowering them and they

would begin getting delivered as they cried out to God. It happened in every village.

We came upon a man who was laying stone. Jim told me he was one of his pastors

and as I stood next to the man for a picture, suddenly the power of God came like the

wind and he went out in front of his building and God began to visit him. We left him

there under the presence of God.

These things began 2,000 years ago, they are for today.

In Proverbs 30:4, it talks about “gathering the wind in his fists”, and only God

controls the wind and when He opens His “fists”, get ready for the release of pent up

power and presence, coming your way!

A Rushing Wind in Kauai


One time Jana and I were in Kauai and during a service the Lord spoke to her that He

was going to come like the wind in the evening service. When we gathered that night I

stepped out by faith and announced that this would take place. I just stood there and then

sat down at the foot of the pulpit and waited. Minutes went by. Five minutes then six

then seven. Finally 10 minutes went by when suddenly from the back row, a man who

we found out later was a visitor, stood up and screamed and an overwhelming, physical

wind started from where he was to the front and came upon everyone in the church. I

myself was knocked backwards by the wind of God!

This physically felt “wind”, erupted into a visitation upon the entire church. People

were instantly delivered from bondages, addictions, oppressions and healed of

emotional and spiritual woundedness, as individuals, married couples and families. It

was wonderul and it was a might act of God!

Rushing Wind in Lautoka


A rushing mighy wind came one day in Lautoka, Fiji. We were in theatre when the

Spirit of God came upon me in an unusual way. It did not happen before then and it has

not happened since. I just began to do a Fiji war dance. I had seen someone do that one

time at a prayer meeting in Hawaii and God enabled me to do the dance I saw right there

in front of this packed out meeting in a theatre. Suddenly the wind of God came like a

spiritual cyclone or tornado. One of the meanings of “rushing” is to be carried, or borne

along with force or speed. It also means to be “moved inwardly”. So one is affected by

the Spirit of God as wind, both inwardly and outwardly. We saw this as men and women

were literally blown through the air without any person touching them and landing in

heaps, bodies everywhere, even on top of each other. In that nation, men sat on one side

and women on the other and that was destroyed instantaneously by the wind of God.

What is the point you might ask? The fists of God opened and the winds of His Spirit, His actual person, came forcefully and violently upon these people. No one planned this and no one was even thinking or would even desire this to happen

Suddenly,there came a sound from heaven, a tempest blast of God’s power and we

listened in AWE at the testimonies that came forth from these people. It was not just

some physically weird thing but the actual miraculous creative power of God that moved

people inwardly, changing them on the inside. It was an intelligent working of God

transforming them and their character.

Strong men testified of being broken of their pride, their abusive ways, their treatment

of wives. They testified of being set free culturally to be Fijian and to express their God

given identities as warriors to battle for the Lord. Forgiveness flowed, marriages,

families were healed. People shared how they encountered God personally as never

before and experienced the reality of God for the first time. Demonic powers were

vanquished by the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit and all declared the wonderful

works of God. Husbands began to sit with their wives in services and the cyclone of

heaven uprooted root systems of falsehood in thinking in many lives.

The sound of a rushing mighty wind is coming upon a generation that will declare the

wonderful works of God.

Let the winds of God blow upon your life today!

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