For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14


The Supernatural Salvation of Jana’s Mom, Elane Hellmuth

I am taking the time to share the incredible salvation of Janas mom this afternoon as she passed into the heavens at 3:11 after a lifetime of unwillingness to acknowledge Jesus Christ, obstinately resisting every attempt to open her heart to God.  An outpouring of prayer had been offered to God on her behalf for years and had increased in intensity and fervency in the months that led up to this moment.  None of it seemed to penetrate the anti-christ spirit that Elane had given herself to even though for a brief moment in her childhood she had believed in Jesus but then spent the rest of her life angrily intolerant of Christianity.  Elane was a remarkable woman in many ways, fighting injustices in society with a passion but was just as passionate against Christianity.

Jana was raised in a home where she was taught that there was no God and filled with communist and atheisic thought.  Many of you know the story of how Jesus Christ appeared to Jana over 35 years ago while she lay ill in a home on Bainbridge Island.  He appeared by her bedside, lighting up the room with a white light, looking at her with eyes of love Jana has never seen before or after in any human only in Him.  He told her that He loved her by name and as she received Him, she was instantly healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.  The Lord told her that she would go to a Bible College and marry a minister.  Elane and Janas dad, Jerry, rejected her and pretty much disowned her from that point on, Jana being Elanes closest friend. They had dreamed and performed in the theatre together and Janas belief in Christ saddened her parents but Jana has never wavered since that day, living and walking in the love that touched her life that day.  Now on that same island, in another home just a few blocks away, her mom lay dying, her heart seemingly hardened forever against receiving that same love.  Even yesterday as I pleaded with Elane to come to His love, she defiantly refused and motioned me to leave the room.  I was so crushed inside but I felt the Lord say to me, “Don’t give up, it is not over yet”.  She had stopped drinking liquids, her body was shutting down and I thought it was over but the Lord impressed that thought upon me so I embraced it.

This morning as she awoke, we were told by the caregivers who were there 24 hours a day that she was surprisingly alert and asked for water and she drank a good amount of it.  Vivian, the head caregiver, a Christian, had prayed with her last night and she felt that God in His mercy was about to do something today, she was convinced.  Nothing had changed except she was wanting water. Obviously, it kept her alive till the life of God entered her spirit and soul.

Jana and I arrived around 2PM this afternoon and a friend was visiting Elane.  I was extremely urgent in my spirit to say something to Elane and when her friend left I quickly came to her bedside.  I also noticed that all the caregivers were outside the home, no one but Jana who was in another room and I by her bedside was in the house.  In the 3 weeks prior to this, there were always people in the home making it difficult to have quality moments and except for one caregiver, everyone else was not a believer.  Darien, Janas developmentally handicapped sister was at a program and would not be back for a few hours.  As I approached her bedside, I became aware that the atmosphere of the room had changed. The thick oppression always felt in the home was not there and I did not feel any resistance as I began to speak to her.  I knew she was hearing everything I was saying and could actually feel her soul drawing out to me as I said that even as God had visited Jana years ago, He was about to visit her in His love.  I continued to tell her of the glory of God and her need for a Saviour and was amazed at the openness and acknowledging I felt in her about was being said.  Suddenly, I felt to not share anymore and kissed her on the forehead and moved away from the bedside and sat in a chair about 4 feet directly across from where she lay.

As I sat down, Jana came into the room and came to Elane.  Jana was not aware that I had said anything to Elane the whole time.  Jana began to sing over her mom, stroking her hair, running her fingers through Elanes hair and loving her.  Again, I was aware of the presence of God in the room, it was so different than it had ever been in that home. After a few minutes, she sat in a chair facing Elane but her back was to me.  She began singing in the Spirit and also a song to usher her mom into the arms of God.  Jana said later that she had felt a little resistance but it subsided quickly and there was a flow of the Spirit of God that was so evident..It was then that I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, especially when a person was about to die.  The thousands of hours of prayer from so many of you and others were about to be answered in a startling fashion!

All of a sudden I was in a closed vision.  A closed vision is different than an open vision in that you see it in your mind not tangibly physically but just as real.  I saw an angel standing at Elanes bedside, at the foot of the bed on the right hand side.  Jana was singing and then sat down in the chair, her back to me, and obviously was not aware of what I was seeing.  The angel was looking at Elane, his face so incredibly peaceful and I was struck by the strength and dominion flowing from his countenance.  He was just looking at her, so relaxed and kindness radiating from that look.  Then his wings stretched out to the left and to the right, it was a quick movement and behind the wings were countless demons, snarling, gnashing their teeth, fury and hate in the eyes, viciously trying to get past the wings to get to Elane.  They could not even cause the wings to move in the slightest.  The wings were just like impossible to get by and the angel was just acting like this is absolutely no problem at all, never moved, never flinched, never showing any concern, the demons were going nowhere.  I was so taken aback by what I was seeing that I wondered if my desire to see Elane in heaven was causing me to imagine all of this because I could not face her not being in heaven.  Yet it was so vivid, so real, the wings, the angels countenance, the demons thrashing behind the wings and Jana continued to sing a song to usher her mom into the arms of God, oblivious to what I was seeing.  The room was filled with His presence, the people were still outside.  So I asked God to do something for me.  I knew Elane was not supposed to die as she was drinking liquids again and everyone in the home felt she had a few more days so I said to God;

“If this is you God, have Elane die in the next 10 minutes” I was surprised that I asked this but it just came out of my mouth.  I continued to sit, Jana continued to sing.  A few minutes went by and in a flash, the angel moved towards Elane and covered her completely with the wings.  At that exact moment,Jana turned to me and said, “Shes dead”.

I was shocked.  The angel swept in to take her to God, Jana saying “Shes dead”, and it was not even ten minutes.  I looked at the clock, it was 3:11 in the afternoon.  I came to the bed and indeed she had died.  In that moment, I shared with Jana what had happened, what I saw and we realized that God had supernaturally moved in less than 24 hours and Elanes heart had opened to Him and He had rescued her in the waning hours of her life on earth, she was in His arms.  We then called the caregivers in and they could not believe that she had died.  I told Vivian, the Christian caregiver what I saw and that God had answered her prayers an 2 years of crying out for her salvation.  I then called our children, declaring what I had seen.

A short time later as others were in different parts of the house and also preparing to tell Janas sister when she came home that her mom had died, I was left alone in that same chair looking at Elanes lifeless body and reflecting on things.  As I was looking at her, the angel returned, standing in the same place and this time he was looking at me.  He had a kind of half grin on his face which still was so relaxed, so kind, so peaceful, yet manifesting such dominion, such authority.  With that half grin, kind of playful look, he saluted me military style with his right hand and it was communicated to me that it meant, mission accomplished and I am off to another and also that I will see you again!! It was so real and then just like that he disappeared through the wall!

I told Jana what had happened and she was amazed.  She then asked me if 3:11, the time her mom died meant anything biblically.  Instantly I was reminded of a scripture; “He hath made everything beautiful in his time; also he hath set the world in their heart so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end” The phrase “he hath set the world in their heart” can also be translated, “he hath set eternity in their heart”.  Wow!  What an incredible, supernatural demonstration of the awesomeness of our God!  What a testimony of answered prayer that would not let go through so many agreeing for the impossible to become reality in the face of every contrary evidence that said it would not happen.  All things are possible and the cross of Jesus Christ released the love of God to invade this planet is now  ready to invade yours and mine in ever increasing ways in the days, months and years ahead!  Expect it! Anticipate it and let this testimony be an invitation to experience testimony after testimony of God’s power motivated by His love!

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